Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photography On The Radio ??

Yes, and it's damn good too I might add. Hosted by two photo guys, Howard Lippin and Michael Garcia, its in-depth interviews of photographers will definitely entertain and inform you. Check it out here:

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Internet has not been working at my house, so I'm hanging out at the library. No time for research right this minute though, Maria :-)

Don't forget about the Selina Maitreya talk tomorrow night in LA. It's a must-see! For more info and entry costs, go here:


Kathryn LeBoye Photography said...

I just got an interesting e-mail about a studio in Hollywood that rents out space for photographers with use of their lights.

Hi Kathryn,

I was surfing on google for photographers and I came
across your website. I have a 4400 sq ft. studio,
Studio 53. We have the space and the lights. Check out
our website (818) 761- 9322. And
if you don’t need our space, shoot some people our way
and we’ll work a finder’s fee for you. Thank you. Have
a wonderful day.

- Iason

Greg Clarke said...

That's interesting. I just got the same email. I wonder how they got our info.

Anonymous said...

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