Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Times !

Today we had another meetup. There were 3 of us and I learned a ton of stuff about off-camera lighting. We had a great time and I am planning to make this a weekly event.

There is another strobist group in the area, so we are going to merge the two. So my plan is to make this group solid and large. Everyone involved will learn a ton of new lighting skills starting with the basics. After all, there are only 7 ways to control light. Learn those and you can apply them to any type of photography. Curious about what those are? Check and go to the L102 drop down menu on the right-hand side.

One thing we talked about was having a strobist gallery showing at some point. That would be amazing! So come out and join us yoooo.

Damn, that bread is making me hungry. And by the way, it's french. No really, it was baked in France.

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SAGE said...

Hey Greg!

I'm glad to hear that your meet up went good.
I talked to my group and they are excited about the merger,(that sounds like two Fortune 500 companies are merging).Ha HA!

Looking forward to the next meet up.

I like the strobist gallery show idea.

Thanks for having the enthusiasm to get this going.

Let me know if I can help.