Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Strobist Meetup next Sun. Jan. 13th

It's been a while since our last Orange County Strobist Meetup, holidays and all. So come out and join us. It's so much fun learning together. Everyone's creativity, passion, intellect and humor makes for a great time. Just ask anyone who's participated.

We'll delve further into the L102 course. We'll be exploring how to control specular highlights. It's something that comes into play with all types of photography. The easiest way to learn is by doing product photography, so bring along some objects you'd like to shoot.

We'll shoot in my 79 square foot 'studio.' You don't want to miss that opportunity. We'll meet in the early afternoon around 2pm. If the time doesn't work for some people, let me know and we'll try to work something out. If you need the address, email me at cemoaquoi@yahoo.com

I shot this camera yesterday for an ebay ad I am putting up. I don't like the camera. Never used it and never will so I might as well sell it.

Subject on top of white paper. Shot with one Nikon SB28 flash placed opposite side and above to create specular highlight and one SB80 flash to right of object. Both flashes triggered with Pocket Wizards.

Anyways I can already see a number of things that can be improved with this shot:

-specular highlight needs to be diffused more.
-not enough depth of field.
-large shadow is distracting.
-metal texture is too spotted.
If you see more, let me know. This is an experiment.

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