Thursday, January 17, 2008

OC Strobist Meetup Next Sun Jan. 20th

Come join us for another edition of the OC Strobist Meetup. Nothing to do with the tv show I promise, just a bunch of passionate photographers learning about lighting. It's exciting, it's fun and you'll pick up a few things you didn't know, that's guaranteed.

If you want to come prepared, read up on Strobist. Look for the L102 post in the drop down menu on the right hand side.

So the default location is Huntington Beach, but I'm open to suggestions. So just email me at

It'll be Sunday Jan. 20th around 2pm. See you there.

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Bumatay said...

Ahh bummer I missed this shoot! I wish I knew about it or else I would have joined in. Let's see some pics, or links to the photog sites!