Friday, February 22, 2008

My New Livebooks Site

So I finally got my Livebooks site finished. Check it out here: It took about two months to finish cause I'm so damn finicky :-)

The way it happened is I told my Livebooks designer (you get your own personal one) what I was looking for. She came up with a design mock-up and I didn't like at all. I was down about it and told a product designer friend of mine. He understood immediately what I was after, and in the next two hours, proceeded to make it a reality. It was amazing !

So I gave the mock-up to my Livebooks designer for her to make into my new Livebooks website. Well it wasn't that easy because there were a few things their platform could not do. Livebooks uses a program for its editsuite that has certain design parameters.

So after using up all my revisions and then some, my site was put online. There are still a few things I want to change, particularly the text on my contact page. But overall, I am happy with it. Yesterday I registered it with Google. So hopefully, it will appear on their search engine soon. Then I'll work on getting it on the first page yo !!

Am I happy with Livebooks? Yes. The designer I got wasn't the best as far as design went, but she faithfully executed what I gave her. She was also very helpful and forthcoming with all the changes I asked for. Now I must add, I have yet to see the true power of the Livebooks site with marketing, tracking and ease of use because I just got it, but I will let you guys know soon.

Tell me what you guys think of the site. I'm open to suggestions.

This shot was taken on the North Shore of Oahu. My friend John and this other guy had just come in from surfing Sunset. You can't tell but those waves were 20+ feet, gigantic. The guy is talking about getting thrashed by the outside set of waves that came in and broke half the surfers' boards out there (including John's in the foreground). That was my first day on the North Shore and I happily stayed on the beach for that one.


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