Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Waikiki Circus Act

Wow, what an amazing 24 hours in Hawaii ! Last night was Mardi Gras craziness in the streets of Honolulu with the trading of beads for favors. Why they do this in Hawaii, I have no idea. But hey, I'm not complaining.

This afternoon, it was off to Waikiki Beach. The air was hot and humid, just the way I like it. It reminded me of Georgia. And best of all, the water was warm. The waves were small and fun, perfect for the 10ft and a 12ft boards we rented, massive ones I tell ya.

My friend Regina and I tandem surfed the big board. It wasn't as hard as I imagined and we rode a bunch of waves all the way in huge grins on our faces. Then we decided to step it up a notch being the kids that we are. So Jordan caught the same wave, rode his board along side ours and then jumped on. Haha, all 3 of us rode the same board, laughing hysterically.

We're staying up on the North Shore for the rest of our trip. The waves along this shore are the playground for the top surfers on the planet. Kelly Slater has a house down the street. Needless to say I am way out of my league. Tomorrow, the surf will reach over 10ft. Yeah, and did I mention that hawaiian waves are way more powerful than what I am used to in southern california. I may just sit this one out folks and take photos from the beach lol.


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