Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valuing My Time

I am learning to value my time. After all, life is short. Why waste any of it? That hour that just went by will never be replaced. It's gone forever. Yeah we've all heard it, Carpe Diem and all that. But how can that be applied in my life?

Well I choose who I spend my time with. I have a busy life, meaning I have a lot on my plate. So when I hang out with people, I do it with people I really care about. It's important to me. I share my time with positive, motivated, caring friends. I want to live in an environment that I can learn from and contribute to.

Every minute counts. I strive to live life to the fullest. I was talking to a good friend tonight who said: "I want to be sitting in my rocking chair when I'm 80 and not have any regrets. I want to have given this thing called life my best shot. I want to be able to cherish amazing memories. I'm in the business of creating great memories." That sounds amazing to me.

I feel like I am living that way to a certain extent now. For example, I have no cable in my house. TV is a waste of time I feel. I get that it is a great escape and enjoyed by millions, but I don't feel it adds anything to my life. I would rather watch a good movie on occasion.

Some of my friends have made a list of 100 things they want to do before they die. Now they are going through it and checking them off one by one. I am going to make that list. That way, I'll have no regrets. I want to live with intention and I think I do to a great extent. However, it's time for me to step it up.

Every minutes counts. What positive, powerful thing can I do today to contribute to life?

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